About Wedding Planners

The average couple spends well over 250 hours planning for their special day. As your personal planner, New Journey is willing to help you save a lot of time & energy.


We are willing to take care of every single detail from the beginning to the end of your events & weddings.

To be your private planner, we can:      

  • find the most cost efficient ways to execute your event 

  • make sure your expectations are met & implemented flawlessly

  • reduce your stress through organization

  • share her previous experience through creative ideas, suggestions, guidance, and industry connections

New Journey's founder, Ada Jiang, fell in love with wedding and event planning after planning her own wedding, and she along with her team of experts, want you to have as magical of a day as she did. 

Ada Jiang is also a certified member of WPIC,The National Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. As a WPICC professional planner she is a wedding consultant and coordinator professional, as well as someone who planned and coordinated her own wedding, Ada is more than qualified to ensure your event is a success!

For us, the key to a heartwarming and joyous wedding doesn’t lie in its size or extravagance, but in the carefully crafted details that make each wedding one of a kind.  

- New Journey Weddings

Our professional team members:

Jack Wang is a professional photographer specialized in wedding and portrait. Jack has been photographing life’s precious moments for over 10 years. He has been grateful that numerous happy clients have shared these times with him and allowed him to capture images that are eternally reflective of their special moments. Jack’s style of shooting allows him to capture real moments and expressions, he’s able to capture your natural expressions and actions that tell your story through fantastic photographs. ​Jack is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art + Design where he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2008. Jack’s style is very natural and beautiful in its simplicity, and he creates photos that convey your vitality and reflect your true personality.

Yuki is a professional videographer that graduated from NHTV University in the Netherlands, then studied Media Broadcasting at North Arizona University. At British Columbia Institute of Technology, she was an all-around exceptional student that received a scholarship to major in television & video production.